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Welcome to the Expertiza project!

The Expertiza project is software to create reusable learning objects through peer review. It also supports team projects, and the submission of almost any document type, including URLs and wiki pages.

Short Powerpoint introductions

  • My presentation on using Expertiza to support wiki-textbook creation, at the 2011 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative conference, February 15, 2011
  • My plenary talk at the Purdue TLT Conference on April 22, 2009
  • We invite you to view the original rationale for the system.
  • You can walk through a virtual demo of the system.


  • A prose rendition of the rationale was published in Innovate in 2007. (To view it, you need to register, and you will receive e-mail each time a new issue of this very interesting and useful journal is published.)
  • Other papers on Expertiza can be found here.

Video presentations


  • An instructor manual, explaining how to create an deploy an assignment in Expertiza.
  • An instructor video, slightly dated, showing how to create and deploy an assignment
  • A design document for the application.
  • A guide for Creating_Custom_Rubric
  • For students, a Powerpoint or PDF presentation explaining how to submit and review an assignment with Expertiza.
  • For students, a video showing how to use the system to submit and review an assignment.
  • For students, a Powerpoint or PDF presentation explaining how to submit and review wiki pages with Expertiza.
  • For students, a Powerpoint or PDF presentation explaining how to form teams and sign up for topics.

Developers section

Expertiza now has a Java dependency, so the machine you are using to develop Expertiza on should have the JVM installed.

Development Environment Setup Guides

Database Guides

Security Guidelines


Ruby and Rails


Final Projects on Expertiza for Fall 2015

The Expertiza Final Project Submission


The Expertiza application
Papers on Expertiza
PowerPoint Presentation - The Expertiza platform
Expertiza Platform Takes Honorable Mention in Gertrude Cox Awards


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0536558. Additional funding from the NCSU Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment (LITRE) program, the NCSU Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, the NCSU STEM Initiative, and the Center for Advanced Computing and Communication.