Using heroku to deploy your projects

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Heroku for deploying projects

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a cloud application platform (or a PaaS) that allows developers to easily deploy their apps without worrying about servers, hosting, etc.
We are going to use heroku to deploy the backchannel app of project 1. There are several advantages:

  1. You have a deployed app ready to test in under 5 minutes
  2. You have a public URL that you can show off to potential interviewers :)
  3. Basic signup is free!

What do I need?

  • Go to Heroku and sign up for an account. It is free to sign up.
  • Develop and run your app locally
  • Install git and use it to track your application. More about how to do that Using_git_and_github_for_projects
  • Create a public SSH key
 $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""
  • Install the heroku gem
 gem install heroku
 heroku keys:add

You will have to enter your heroku credentials

  • Create your heroku application.

In your project directory,

 heroku create
  • Push to heroku
 git push heroku master
  • Migrate your database
 heroku rake db:migrate

Viola you are done! Your public URL is specified when you did heroku create. Your application is all set to go!

Heroku help

This guide has been taken largely from the heroku dev center. Look at Heroku HowTo for more details. Also, effectively use google to solve your doubts, there is plenty of help available.