How to Begin a Project from the Current Expertiza Repository

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  • Log into Github or create an account.
  • Set up Git on your development machine:
    • You may use either shell commands or a GUI for GIt. I recommend using the shell because the commands are the same cross-platform.
  • Fork the Expertiza project
  • Make your changes, committing often, until your project is complete.
  • If you want more practice using Git and to help out the Expertiza team, you should merge the current upstream master branch back into your project before creating a pull request.
git remote add upstream #Add the upstream remote (expertiza/expertiza)
git fetch upstream #Get all current code from upstream
git merge remotes/upstream/master #Merge upstream with your current branch
  • Fix merge conflicts -- only keep parts of files that you have changed from your work. Everything else should be kept from upstream.
    • Your code is HEAD, and upstream is a hash (e.g. 3a8fe31).
  • Test the merged code to make sure the functionality of your project remains and nothing broke.
  • Push your merged code to your forked repository
git push origin master
  • When you are finished, create a pull request so that your code can be easily merged into Expertiza
    • Please create a pull request message detailing the changes you made in which files for your project.
    • Include the year and semester as a comment in the pull request (e.g., Fall 2013).