Debugging Rails

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This guide assumes that you are working from the command line to debug Ruby and Rails applications.

Getting Started

You can use rdebug for debugging Expertiza. The gem is already installed for you when you run bundle install.
To start debugging, you can run rdebug script/server from the Expertiza working directory.

Using Rdebug

You can ask rdebug for help by typing help in the rdb console.

(rdb:1) help
ruby-debug help v0.10.4
Type 'help <command-name>' for help on a specific command

Available commands:
backtrace  delete   enable  help  method  putl     set     trace    
break      disable  eval    info  next    quit     show    undisplay
catch      display  exit    irb   p       reload   step    up       
condition  down     finish  kill  pp      restart  thread  var      
continue   edit     frame   list  ps      save     tmate   where

If you are familiar with gdb, the general commands are very similar.