Accessing the Production Server

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The production server is located at It is firewalled at NC State University and thus requires VPN or tunneled connection. This article explains both methods.


The instructions to connect to NC State's VPN are located at

Tunneling Via SSH

If you have access through NC State, you can first ssh into a publicly accessible server such as using your unity ID before then connecting via SSH to

After Connecting Through the Firewall

The command to connect to the Expertiza server is:

ssh <unity_id>

Obtaining Private/Public Key Access

Setting up a private/public key pair will allow access to the Expertiza server with the rails user to run such commands shown below:

cap load_production_data
cap deploy
cap deploy:restart

Creating a Key Pair

To create your private/public key pair, run the following command:

ssh-keygen -trsa -C ""

Retrieving Your Public Key

Copy and paste the output of the following command in an email to asking for private/public key access to the production server:

cat ~/.ssh/

Authenticate as the Rails User

To test whether your private/public key has been set up correctly, you can try and connect using the passphrase entered when you created your key with the following command:


Note: Be sure to have passed through the NC State firewall using a method mentioned above.