Developing Expertiza on the VCL

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It can be tricky and time consuming to set up a Ruby on Rails environment for developing Expertiza. We created a Ruby on Rails VCL image to provide NC State students with a development environment and minimize setup time.


Note: As of February 2018, this page is very out of date. Do not rely on it.

Goal: Use VNC to connect to the graphical VCL (Virtual Computing Lab) environment to use RadRails.

First time setup

Goal: Check out the expertiza project and create a RadRails project. These will both persist in your Unity AFS space.

Running the Expertiza application server

Installing new gems

The VCL image should usually have all necessary gems installed, but sometimes the the expertiza code moves faster than the VCL image; or you might be using new gems in your own development. The VCL image uses rvm, the Ruby Version Manager. This allows you to use the gem command without sudo. Gems you install will not stick around next time you load the VCL image; you'll have to install custom gems every time you create a VCL reservation.

Changing the VNC screen size / resolution

The default VNC screen resolution will be a little small for some people. Unfortunately, you must restart VNC to change its size.

Updating the code

Before you start new work, you should ensure that your code is up to date.

Working with the git repository

Version Control with the Git repository

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